Special 205 GTI Editions

Written by Super User.

Peugeot produced some limited edition 205 GTI models over the car's life:
In 1990, 1200 GTIs were made in the then new colours of Miami blue and Sorrento Green (a very dark metallic green). The cars were made in an equal mix of 300 blue 1.6, 300 green 1.6, 300 blue 1.9 and 300 green 1.9. The cars had power steering and full grey leather interior as standard, together with grey carpets. These paint colours were later added to the list of available colours for ordinary models.

The Gentry was a limited edition 205, although arguably not a GTI model at all, as it used the track control arm front suspension of the regular 205 rather than the GTI's 'wishbone' design and a detuned 105 bhp (78 kW; 106 PS) 1.9 engine with auto gearbox. Only 300 models were made in Sorrento Green and Aztec Gold (sometimes called Mayfair Beige). They came with full-leather and wood effect interior, power assisted steering, ABS and heated mirrors. The Gentry came with the same body side trims as the GTI, which led to the Gentry often being mistaken for a GTI.

The Griffe was a special GTI edition for mainland Europe, and was sold in France, Germany and the Netherlands. It was bright green ('Laser' Green or 'Vert Fluorite'),[2] and came equipped with all available vendor options at that time except air-conditioning, but including full black leather interior, ABS, power steering and sunroof. Approximately 3,000 Griffes were made, all in laser green and with dark grey anodised alloy wheels with a silver rim.

The 1FM was produced for the UK in 1992 to coincide with the 25th birthday of BBC Radio 1. Only 25 were made and each car was individually numbered with a small brass plate.[3] The car was only available in black with 'Radio 1FM 25th' bodywork decals, grey speedline alloy wheels and came with all options fitted as standard. A special stereo system including a CD changer and an acoustic rear shelf was specified by Clarion. Radio 1 ran a competition on air to win one.