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Is it really worth that much?

The GTI love

Ever since a big truck from The Netherlands crashed into my Miami Blue 205 GTI 1.9 last year, it has been on my mind quite a lot. Probably it will never go away until I get one again. Yeah ok - I know...I just bought a CTI in relatively good condition. The feeling of wind in your hair, the open view towards the sky is amazing. But let's be honest. A CTI is a cruiser. Not a cornering street racer like the GTI. The weight of the car, combined with the power, simply can't be described. Granted - it can't be compared to modern hot hatches, but the 205 just feels so fast due to non existing security panels beside you, above or below. The missing power steering and ABS brakes, simply makes it a drivers car. And that's something you only get in a rallye car or even supercars. Ask anyone who has driven a 205 GTI and they will agree.

So...you see why it continues to mess around in my brain? One thing is for sure. I WILL get one again some day!

GTI's for sale

Why am I rambling on about this? Well...just now I made the mistake of swinging by mobile.de and looked for 205 GTI's. Before that, I checked the Danish site for private listings, and found only 3 for sale!! Went to mobile.de to see if they had some more for sale. They did but only 20 for sale in total. Now THAT is not a lot, considering the German website is being used by private and professional sellers in and outside of Europe. This will only mean one thing in a not so far away future. Increased prices!! That is of course a good thing and a bad. Good for obvious reasons - if you are selling one. But if you are buying one, you have to pull out the big wallet.

Mint condition for sale

Back to mobile.de - found one of course that looked REALLY good. Too good in fact and as a result of that, the price is not only high..it's HUGE. But come on - look at it. It's an absolute stunner.

I won't link to the ad, because when it's sold, the link will of course go dead. Instead the specs, price and images are included in this article. Feel free to drool, fall in love or even look it up and buy it. And the price? It's high!!

11.500 EUR

1st time Registered 09/1988

124.000 km


96 kW (131 PS) Catalytic converters were not required by law back then - hence the higher number in horsepower

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